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The commitment of the companies that share the territory must go beyond social and environmental responsibility. The Colombian context and the countries of the region demand companies that work hand in hand in building a culture of legality and promoting ethical and transparent practices in each of the processes.

Historically, the organizations that carry out our activity throughout the precious metals supply chain have implemented a large number of additional controls that help guarantee traceability and safety in operation. In order to share these actions, it is essential to open spaces in which the mining sector exposes the practices that have allowed us to build relationship systems in which we privilege compliance with the law, transparency and trust.

From the International Marketing Company Eslop we constantly generate innovative solutions to guarantee compliance with regulations in the development of our activity and promote ethics in our relationships. The premise: strict compliance with the law and zero tolerance against illegality.

For this, we create leveraged supplier and material control mechanisms, for example, in technological tools. From biometric recognition systems for suppliers, georeferencing of materials, analysis in certified laboratories with a spectrometer and applications for the connectivity of the areas involved in the processes, to robust communication systems and information analysis updated in real time.
In addition, we apply other control and monitoring strategies to guarantee transparency in relations with stakeholders. In Eslop, all processes are permanently monitored and audited by external advisory firms of national and international origin. Our key processes are intervened by up to 5 firms together, at different times and with different tools.

However, understanding the needs of the sector and the country, we take our commitment further. That is why we develop initiatives aimed at consolidating a culture of legality in the areas of operation. One of the key strategies has been to facilitate the access of small miners to the financial system, a situation that limits trade through cash, increases security and guarantees the traceability of all the buying and selling processes, without mention the positive impact on the quality of life of people engaged in subsistence mining.

We are proud of our controls, but above all of the actions that allow us to contribute to the country in the construction and consolidation of a culture of legality. Ethics and transparency as companies’ principles of action are a key element of the direction, but they will always be insufficient as long as they are not translated into clear practices that guarantee internal compliance, and that also help to generate an ecosystem in which legality prevails, respect for the law, morals and good customs in our country.

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