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Our ancestral essence

We are proud of the mining tradition because it has been our livelihood for generations, that is why we use the ancestral treasure of our land to turn it into welfare for our people with the social and economic development of the regions in which we have a presence.

We have the force and solid headway to take our natural wealth to the world and show the best face of our country.  That is why ESLOP has 0 tolerance against any activity that is against or violates the principles of transparency and ethics of the country, the sector, the company and the communities with which we work.

ESLOP, from origin to progress!


Colombia, a recognized treasure in the world

We believe that exporting world-class products to the 5 continents help us to show the best face of Colombia and its natural wealth. The precious metals that we commercialize, are obtained carefully by miners from Colombia and have recognition and traceability of their origin gram by gram.

Building a positive image of our country around the world is a goal for which we work hard, for this we build excellent relationships with clients and allies globally, a relationship that is supported by the high quality of our products “the best gold in the world”.

Our history

The mining tradition has been the sustenance of our families for generations.  Starting from love, respect and care for this craft, we founded C.I.ESLOP S.A.S in 2016, to bring our precious metals to the whole world.

We grew up in the sector, we know it deeply and we strive to take care of our relationships throughout the marketing chain, we promote innovative initiatives that allow us to generate a culture of transparency, 


legality and trust and that improves the quality of life of the communities with which we relate by acting rigorously with control, security and operation standards in the Colombian regulatory framework.

Our headquarters are located in the city of Medellín, and currently we have buying houses in Quibdó – Chocó, El Banco – Magdalena y Caucasia – Antioquia, in Colombia


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