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Our ancestral essence

In ESLOP, we are leaders in the marketing of precious metals and are committed to the country’s development and the growth of the sector.

We take pride in the mining tradition because it has been a source of sustenance and growth for generations. That’s why we use the ancestral treasure of our land to transform it into well-being for our people through the social and economic development of the regions where we are present.

We always strive to take care of our relationships throughout the marketing chain, promoting initiatives to generate a culture of transparency, legality, and trust in the sector.

We have the drive and steady pace to take our natural wealth to the world and showcase the best face of our country.

We carry the best gold in the world while preserving our identity and applying sustainable standards.

The quality of our products not only lies in the purity of the precious metals we trade but also in ensuring the integrity of different stages of the supply chain through the implementation of rigorous ethical and sustainable practices. These practices build confidence in the origin of our products.

Our commitment translates into promoting actions aimed at improving sustainable standards in production processes, environmental practices, and the application of human and social rights. This fosters a positive impact and recognition in mining territories


Our history

We are a company born from the joint efforts of two families with deep knowledge of the mining sector in Colombia. For several decades, we have been recognized in our operational areas for our proper conduct, responsible practices, and the pursuit of sustainable business models around mining.



Since our establishment as a company in 2016, we have been acquiring valuable knowledge based on practical experience, engaging in vital activities for the economic development of Colombia. Over the past few years, with the support of interdisciplinary professionals, we have reached a state of business maturity, establishing significant partnerships with international organizations in the field of business management and high standards in sustainable mining practices.

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