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Mining tradition towards the futurE

ESLOP is deeply committed to mining communities.  Through the implementation of different strategic and technology initiatives, we contribute to the development of the sector. Likewise, we have developed Corporate Social Responsability processes with the aim of impacting the territories and improving the quality of life ofits inhabitants.

Ancestral buying house

Although for years we have been recognized in these regions as a serious, legal company with high standards in the purchase of precious metals, we have always wanted to advance in the refinement of our processes.  This is why we have created Ancestral buying houses, our own offices in the regions of influence, where we make direct purchases of precious metals, in compliance with control and security procedures and thus influencing the improvement of formal business practices in the communities that provide us.

Our buying houses are located in Quibdó – Chocó, El Banco – Magdalena y Caucasia – Antioquia in Colombia.

Bringing traditional mining closer to the 21st century

CI ESLOP, we are pioneers in generating and promoting safe practices that lead to the financial and banking inclusion of the sector.

Through collaborative work,we strengthen our relationships with the different actors in the commercialization chain.They endorse the transparency of our operations to facilitate miners’ access to the portfolios offered by the banking sector.

In our actions and commercial practices, we create scenarios for the mining sector to receive training for their formalization. This allows them to see the benefits and how to strengthen their operations, traceability and functionality to manage resources more efficiently and safely.

At ESLOP we emphasize our commitment to this transformation process towards responsible mining aligned with sustainable development standards, with the objective of ending poverty and promoting banking inclusion.

Always close to our people – Social Responsibility

We know the needs of the regions in which we have presence, this leads us to focus our attention on communities and be a driving force for well-being for vulnerable areas in mining regions.

The reason for our existence is to turn an ancestral treasure into welfare for people, which is why we develop our business around socially and environmentally responsible practices.

We want to be promoters of change, this is why we constantly analyze the practices of the sector and the consequences that these practices have for communities and develop long-term and sustainable strategic initiatives aiming at modifying the social fabric of our areas of influence.

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