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The OCIM group of private companies was founded in Paris in 1961 and has a long and successful history. In addition to its main historical activity in the real estate sector, OCIM has diversified into other strategic tangible assets, such as precious metals, through its subsidiary based in Geneva. OCIM trades physical metals throughout the value chain, from producers to end-users, and as a financier invests in a wide variety of instruments and provides financing with capital, debt, and alternative investments.

In 2016, CI ESLOP was founded as a company dedicated to the marketing of gold and associated metals, generating high- quality, responsible, and secure commercial agreements aimed at the international market, contributing progress and sustainability to the country through innovation and diversification of our operations. Over the past 5 years, we have had exponential growth, becoming one of the 5 largest exporters in the country. We have developed strategies such as a rigorous SAGRILAFT system aligned with OECD standards with control and security procedures throughout the company’s supply chain to mitigate any risk during the marketing process, a business model with competitive prices for mineral suppliers, financial formalization initiatives for subsistence mining, and an internationally certified quality management system that allows for continuous improvement in processes.

Since 2021, the Corporate Social Responsibility Program has been consolidated, aimed at executing formalization initiatives and good practices in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM), social management to intervene with the development of projects aimed at reducing poverty in the sector, and promotion for the respect of human rights.

As a result of the hard work during these years and the construction of being a benchmark in the sector for good practices, it has led to a strategic union between the International Marketing Company ESLOP and OCIM Metals & Mining SA “OCIM” to
continue growing and expanding for the benefit of mining in Colombia. 


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